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Our goal is to create quality music with a message of substance. Each song is filled with meaning relevant to our times.
 The song “Soldiers’ Sacrifice” is a good example. One can agree to disagree, but we believe our armed forces deserve respect for the sacrifices they make to keep our country free. Soldier’s Sacrifice is a patriotic song with a strong country vibe.

Music from Axle Creek has a classic rock feel, but the band often blends a bit of blues into the mix — there is a strong country feel on the slower songs. Randy Porter’s vocals deliver a texture reminiscent of Bob Seger, Sammy Hagar from AC/DC, Nickleback, and the Zac Brown Band.

Our motivation is interwoven with the tapestry of inspiration/creativity that is often sparked by the things we encounter in our world, the choices we make, and the resulting experiences they bring into our lives. We hope the music gives you a lift when you listen.

Axle Creek will release their debut album, The Journey Home, on January 27, 2015. The music will be available on our website, iTunes, and Amazon, as well as other digital outlets.

Axle Creek is comprised of the singer songwriter duo of Randy Porter and Bob Carey.

Randy grew upRandy-Cropped working his uncle’s farm and credits his vocal coach, an 8 track tape of Olivia Newton-John, and his private vocal studio, a closed cab John Deere 4430 tractor, for developing and perfecting his unique sound. Since then Randy has been featured on hundreds of national and local commercials and live performances. Some national spots you may recall are ABC’s, “Friday Night TGIF” and Disney’s “On Disney”. Randy has toured with various Department of Defense and USO Tours around the world. Randy currently works as a consultant for a high-tech learning firm in Utah but takes every opportunity to exercise his vocal chords…even if it’s singing in the family room with his wife and daughters. Being with his family is his all time favorite kind of singing and performing.

Bob grew up in Oregon, loving the ocean and forest. Bob's-Head-Photo-B&WHe has been writing songs since he was 14 with his favorite instrument, the guitar. With a passion for music, he discovered the art of sound production. With new and old friends, (musicians and sound engineers), he created “The Journey Home” – a compilation of his favorite songs he had written – crossing into modern classic rock, blues, and country.

He cares for his wife who is fighting Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Diabetes, and Osteoporosis and has two sons who are moving forward in their careers.

He loves sports: football, tennis, and basketball – which he still plays – and roots for Green Bay and the Chiefs.


Credits. First Album, The Journey Home:
Songwriter: Bob Carey
Producer: Bob Carey
Lead Vocalist: Randy Porter
Harmony: Dustin Christensen
Keyboards: Dustin Christensen
Lead Guitar: Doug Collins, Josh Campbell, Ryan Tilby
Acoustic Guitar: Doug Collins, Ryan Tilby
Bass Guitar: Ryan Tilby, Jared Harding
Dobro, Banjo, and Mandolin: Ryan Tilby
Drums: Rob Tinney
Electronic Percussion on “Some Kind of Clue”: Dan Reneer
Recording Engineer and Co-Producer: Clarke Jackman
Mix Engineer: Michael Greene
Mastering Engineering: James Anderson, The BitFarm

2 Comments so far:

  1. Christina says:

    Dear Randy and bob. I love the song Soldiers Sacrifice. Randy I like your voice and u can sing that is for sure. Good for u 2 and keep going hope to hear more songs from u. Thanks for following me on twitter.

    • Bob says:

      Hello Christina,

      We really appreciate your stopping by and sharing your thoughts. We will be sharing some singles in October and November…the album comes out in December. We think Soldiers’ Sacrifice speaks to a subject that certainly deserves more attention.

      All the best,

      Bob and Randy

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